Moving House

Wow! So, you’re moving house then?

What’s the new address then?

14 Bassett Crescent East
SO16 7PB

What’s it look like?

It’s (at least for now) visible in Rightmove – but no doubt will disappear from there at some stage, and appear in the “sold prices” search.

It’s shown on google maps as a house with a blue door (the one on the left), but it’s been repainted yellow since then:

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When are you moving?

We’re moving into the house on Thursday 13th June, and as the current owners have already moved out, we shouldn’t be sat outside waiting for anyone to finish packing up!

Wow, that’s pretty quick isn’t it?

Yes, we got our house marketed and onto Rightmove in late March, and had accepted an asking-price offer before the end of the month. We made an offer on the new house in early April, it was accepted in mid April – so from first meeting an Estate Agent to moving in it’ll have been about 3 months!

Why are you moving?

  • to have a bathroom upstairs as well as downstairs (88 Harrison Road only has a downstairs bathroom)
  • a guest bedroom (so our lovely friends & family from far afield (or not so far afield) can come and stay!)
  • for Nano (our daughter – actual name not used on teh interwebz) to have a room big enough to play in, and to have sleepyovers
  • having a room big enough to have more than 2 people round for dinner without it being a massive upheaval
  • A TRAMPOLINE (ok, this clearly isn’t a reason for buying another house, but Nano’s very excited they’ve left behind the trampoline, sandpit and swing in the garden)

Why Bassett Crescent East?

From a practical perspective, it was for sale at the right time – and as we’d sold our house for asking price (can’t say fairer ‘n that) there was a limited ‘window’ in which we could really look (and Mrs Niddler will confirm that nothing better, or even close, has come on the market since!) and it fulfilled our other criteria (which were already available in our old house, hence not being listed above):

  • Not too many hills
  • Open fire
  • Space for Mrs Niddler to do crafts
  • Not too far from:
    • Nano’s school
    • Shops
    • Bus routes
    • Grandma