The big ol' list of links

Let's face it, you're only here for the links, so here they are, categorised in a moderately ordered fashion:



Blogs I read / subscribe to / pretend to read in the hope that people think I'm intellectual


Comic JK favourites

It's a bit like XKCD, but even geekier



Places to buy, learn and neat bits of software favourites

My favourite Dilbert cartoons - kudos to Scott Adams for making the entire history of Dilbert available online.



Cartoons, games and random other bits to keep bored fingers entertained


Geek Stuff

Links for the ubergeeks


Good News

Christian resources and places of worship


Internet Phenomena

Those things on the internet that lots of people don't know about, but are just too good to miss!



The weather - lots of conflicting opinions... who knows which will be right?



News websites I read / recommend.


Pearls Before Swine favourites

My favourite Pearls Before Swine cartoons. They're very hit and miss, but every so often... they really hit.



Stuff relating to photographs / photography


Shameless Plugs

It's the old game of "if lots of people link to it, it'll improve the google page rank, so I'll link to things for my friends/relatives in the hope of giving them a tiny boost"


Things I never remember

There are various things that I constantly forget, so I'm putting them in here - so next time I can't quite get the name off the tip of my tongue, I'll be able to look it up here...



All those things you need to have easy access to when thinking about travelling


Words and stuff

Helpful references for lexical thingummajigging. favourites

My favourite xkcd cartoons